Are you worried about your child’s speech development?

Chances are, your child is fine, and there probably isn’t any underlying issue requiring treatment. But as a parent, you it can be hard not to worry:

  • Does my child have a speech development problem?
  • Can their speech affect their social development?
  • Will they speak in time for school?

These are all normal questions a parent will ask themselves, and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

If your child is showing one or more of the below symptoms, they may be just be going through their own unique journey or could be an underlying issue that requires intervention and treatment.

Stuttering – Repetitive syllables, words or phrases.
Articulation Challenges – Difficulty pronouncing certain consonants
Dysarthria – Slow or slurring speech
Language – Difficulties with using words and constructing sentences
Phonological challenges – Getting 2 sounds mixed up, for instance saying ‘w’ instead of ‘r’

A speech therapist can assess your child, answer your questions, and provide treatment if required.

Child Speech Treatments

There are a number of treatments, and you will be able to trust us to identify the most effective treatment that works for your child. Some common tactics used are:

Language Intervention Activities
The speech therapist will engage and interact with your child with games, talking, pictures, reading books, and other activities to specifically stimulate language development. The speech therapist uses the opportunities available to correct vocabulary and grammar, and provide repetition exercises to be practiced at home.

Articulation Therapy
The speech pathologist uses play activities to encourage your child to make sounds they have difficulty with, such as ‘s’. The speech pathologist then encourages them to start using the sounds in words and sentences as they become more confident.

Phonological Therapy
The speech pathologist uses play activities that get your child to pronounce sounds  that they commonly mix up, in words they have trouble distinguishing. This gives your child feedback on their difficulties.

Why Able Therapy?

Able Kids Therapy is a speech therapy & occupational therapy practice with locations in both North Lakes, and is renown to being thorough and effective in their assessments and solutions.

Our team have a specialty in paediatrics, and have the experience to provide identify and resolve your child’s.

Get the answers & peace of mind you’re after

Book a Child Speech Assessment

If you are looking for answers for your child’s speech development, a child speech assessment can help provide you with the solutions you are after.

Child speech assessments are in our North Lakes clinic, between Monday to Friday. Be sure to book in advance to get a preferred time.

Where are we located?

Our clinic in North Lakes  has all the therapeutic equipment, toys and activity rooms necessary for the advanced level of Speech and Occupational therapy service we provide.

North Lakes Clinic

5/8 Wills Street
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Get the answers & peace of mind you’re after