Occupational therapy can provide the answers and results you want for your child

But how can occupational therapy help your child?

Where child physiotherapy will focus on changing the child, occupational therapy focuses on helping children meet the demands of life. The occupational therapist may do this by “brain training” and “physical training”. Not to be confused with tutoring, an occupational therapist works with children to help change how the child learns not what they learn, so they can become more independent, develop and live their life.

When a child’s difficulties are not solved by simple tutoring, an occupational therapist (OT) is often the answer. An OT understands how the brain works and how to identify what needs to be learnt before a child can progress with their school work. They will look at how the child processes sound and visual information, how well they can concentrate, how well they coordinate their body and how they put these things together at the same time. The brain can be trained and with a few special “OT methods” many parents see a considerable improvement in all areas of their child’s life where previously everything had failed.

Able Kids Therapy has a team of passionate, allied health professionals that are dedicated to improving the quality of life for parents and children. Our experience base in paediatrics gives us the ability to help diagnose and treat mild to severe learning difficulties, disabilities and developmental delays, and provide you with the achievable solutions that are tailored to you and your child’s needs.

We have a small team of  paediatric occupational therapists and speech therapists. Who  work with you to help your child with:

Self Regulation
Preventing and controlling and managing “melt downs” Expressing feelings appropriately. Managing frustrations in conflicts. Being friendly and respecting others. Concentrating in class or in a busy environment

Sensory Processing
Managing the environment, and being aware of over & under sensitivities. Making order and sense of all of the sensory information that is bombarding their developing minds. (Think of how hard it is to read or do a sum if there is a crying baby near you and you will partly understand just how difficult it is for the children we see.)

Executive Functioning
Reasoning. Problem solving. Planning. Attentional control.

Speaking & Communication
Communication is a two way thing. We use body language tone of voice and facial expression to communicate. Just think of how many misunderstanding there are when people txt each other. We can also address stuttering, and developing articulation and phonics with speech therapy.

Separation anxiety, general anxiety, equipment. Feeding. Continence (day and night wetting and soiling). Dressing. Washing.

Why Able Kids Therapy?

The Able team has an expertise in kids occupational therapy and speech therapy. Our range of experience in child health and development enables us to properly assess your child, identify mild to severe disabilities and developmental delays, and provide the solutions that work for you and your child.

Our services go beyond occupational therapy, our team consists of highly qualified speech therapists, allowing us to fully tailor a package to you and your child’s needs.

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