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Prep Class Screening Assessments 

Class screens by Able Kids can identify if your child has developmental or speech challenge. Screens are not a full assessment but help to identify if further investigation is required to give the opportunity for the student to overcome those challenges quickly.

Why Prep Class Screening?

When learning difficulties and challenges go left untreated, not only can it be disruptive to the classroom, it means the child is in an environment that hinders their ability to learn and develop. The child’s confidence both socially and academically are negatively affected, and behavioural challenges are very common. A screening assessment will provide early identification of such difficulties, before they become a major problem.

Our therapists look at the foundations of these tell tale signs, such as challenges with pronunciation, letter identification and blending, sight word memory, word pattern recognition such as rhyming, sound identification for spelling, finding the right word, general learning, following directions, using tools (e.g. crayons and scissors), and day to day tasks (e.g. buttons and laces).

If left undiagnosed these students will not develop a joy in learning causing:

  • Avoidance and behavioural issues with school and homework
  • Resist learning through reading
  • Struggle with foundational math concepts and problem solving needed in general life tasks
  • Retreat when faced with simple open-ended questions and problems
  • Lag behind their peers in fundamental writing & communication skills needed in higher education and the workplace
  • Become anxious or socially shy

Able Kids Therapy Prep Occupational Therapy or Speech Therapy Screening Assessments check for a wide spectrum of learning challenges in the classroom.

Some examples of solutions are:

  • Instructional strategies (e.g. Individualised learning plans)
  • Multi-sensory methods (e.g. Writing in sand on a plate)
  • Graphic Organisation (e.g. Drawing a map and flowchart of a story before writing it out)
  • Scaffolding (e.g. Breaking learning into chunks)

Having an occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech therapy team with the experience and knowledge of modern developmental and educational science, gives teachers and education professionals the knowledge and consulting resources to perform their role in the most effective way.

Why Able?

The Able Kids team has its own team of therapists and is why ABLE Home Therapy therapist see only adults. Children and Adults have different needs and so our staff are different for the two age groups. Our ABLE Kids Therapists range of experience and training in child health and development enables them to properly assess students and provide effective, achievable treatments and strategies.

We  work with a number of schools and childcare centers in Brisbane. Ask your childs center if you would like us to see your child

Able Kids Therapy renowned for getting to the root cause and prescribing the right, appropriate treatment. Our growing client base is a testament to that. Call today for more information about what we can do in your school or childcare centre.

Able is one of the very few highly skilled multidisciplinary allied health services in North Brisbane, and the choice of provider by many medical centres and pediatricians in the area. We also partner with parent connect, the Early Years centre and Mission Australia.

Prep Assessment Screening

Able Kids Therapy offers schools in South East Queensland a Assessment Screening package. Pricing starts at $30/student and can vary depending the amount of students needing screening assessment. Each student will be thoroughly screened for a wide spectrum of mild to moderate learning disorders,  speech disorders and difficulties.

Call us today to find out how this can work for your school.

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