Looking for an Occupational Therapist that can help with your NDIS application?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is available to all Australian residents aged under 65 with a permanent, significant disability that makes it difficult for you to take part in everyday activities and participate in a ” normal ” life.
All disabled residents and children with Developmental delay are able to apply and for those under 6, they are able to apply for early intervention funding.

Children under 7 must have

  • a developmental delay an activities like learning to use the toilet, talk, learn or walk for example will be behind what would be expected of a child of a similar age.
  • need for a Speech Pathologist, Physiotherapist or an Occupational Therapist.

Children over 7 are assessed by NDIA by different criteria. It is very important that if you think your child has a significant need for extra help with learning, Speech, Language or movement that you access help as soon as possible( before 7) to avoid stricter selection criteria with NDIA. If your child is very near 7 or older, you are welcome to call us and we may be able to assist you with how to advocate best for your child’s inclusion and access to funding to help your child to learn.

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Why Able Kids Therapy?

Many of the Children treated by our therapists have similar concerns. Our Speech and Occupational Therapist are experienced and committed to providing the latest proven and tested programs and techniques so assist children with educational, behavioral and self regulation challenges.

Able Kids Therapy staff are experienced with all levels of ability of children.

Children with minor problems that are easily corrected to more severely disabled children and have been working within the NDIS system since 2017. Unlike previous systems where everyone received the same funding. and the goals NDIS, funding is allocated according to proven need of the family and the child. We are available to assist you and your child with the confusing process.

  • Assessments to support your childs NDIS application and planning meeting where funding is allocated.
  • Assistance with access forms.
  • We help take the confusion out of the application process.

If you want to know how we can further assist you in your NDIS application, please call us today.

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