Occupational Therapy to assist with handwriting skills & development

In an age of computers and computer games our children are spending less time developing arm stability and fine motor skills at school and home.

  • Handwriting, hand / arm pain with writing and fine motor difficulties can be helped.
  • The sooner your child gets assistance with this the better the chance for good results.
  • Many children who fail to develop fine motor control find that they are limited in their ability to complete written school work and exams in their senior years of schooling
  • Senior exams and research submitted with senior school assignments are still all required to be handwritten, so students who fail to write clearly or quickly enough are at a disadvantage
  • Low tone, reduced core stability, small muscle weakness and genetics can all play a part
  • For children over 8 the answer often is to adapt the environment as skill development beyond this age is often disappointing.

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