Frustrated by not being able
get out and about?

CAEATI is a QLD government funded program designed to help people under 65 who are living with a mobility problem.
Every 3 years you are entitled to $10,000 worth of funding to pay for items such as Scooters , walking aids, wheelchairs. All applications need to completed by a CAEATI registered therapist.

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Why Able Kids Therapy?

Able Kids Therapy has submitted many CAEATI applications that have been processed successful and the subsidy paid out. Our staff have the experience to know:

  • What forms to complete.
  • What is the latest mobility gadget suitable for your child.
  • What information to provide.
  • We help take the confusion out of the application process.

If you want to know how we can further assist you in your CAEATI application, please call us today.

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