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What is an Early Intervention Educator


What is an Early Intervention Educator

With a focus on children 7 years and under (as per NDIS guidelines) an Early Intervention Educator can deliver therapy in many different areas.

Our Early Intervention Educator works mostly alongside children aged 2-7 years and their families to provide immediate support and intervention to reach their individual goals. They will work in your child’s natural setting, including your family home, child care/school or in clinic. Depending on the approach that will suit your family’s needs, they can provide weekly, fortnightly or for a set number of appointments.

The main role of an Early Intervention Educator focuses on these key areas:

  • provides parental support to develop skills and resources that will help to support your child’s needs
  • provides information, skills and resources that develop the child’s skills and help them to participate in home, school and community life
  • can liaise with childcare/classroom teachers and other specialists working with the child to ensure the whole picture of the child and their needs are understood
  • designs and facilitates small group and one on one programs to develop life skills, independence and confidence


An Early Intervention Educator crosses over with other therapy disciplines such as Occupational Therapy and Speech Pathology.

Our Early Intervention Educator delivers evidence-based therapy covering all of the following:

  • Social skills
  • Gross motor skills
  • Fine motor skills and handwriting
  • Emotional regulation
  • Early literacy and numeracy skills or further educational support
  • Informal assessment of language skills and provide therapeutic support.
  • Support prep readiness and transitioning into school


What’s the difference between Early Intervention Educators and Speech Pathology?

Speech Pathologists have a medical based background that specialises in communication and swallowing, while Early Intervention Educators have an education-based background supporting general development and learning. There are definite cross over areas in both professions qualifying us to work collaboratively to achieve the same and different goals.

As a Speech Pathologist who has worked with Early Intervention Educators it has been eye opening to see how vital their role is in supporting children aged 7 and under. We have been able to work collaboratively to support clients in meeting their communication goals, literacy goals and developing other areas of functioning such as their fine and gross motor skills, emotional regulation and over all development. This team approach has allowed us to develop a better understanding of each other’s roles and how we can best support children to meet their goals as a team.” – Jess, Speech Pathologist



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